We were a scavenger family, we were. Tide poolers, pickers, however you want to call it. We waited until the tide was safely out, and then we went out to bag up what the ocean left behind.  Respectable as such things go.

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Rachel UngerComment
Where We Went

I had always been a believer of some higher truth, just outside this world we live in, that occasionally peaks through. I had felt it in music, or drugs. But to define it—I could not. My mistake was to believe that truth must be good.

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Gabriel FosterComment

I’m hunkered down in a narrow, dusty, windowless room of my modest house. I’ve been down here for a couple of months…Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air. I know the date because I’ve been marking the days on the wall calendar with an X — it’s the only way to keep track of time now that the power’s out.

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